Sunday, July 9, 2023

SAP Notes in different languages

There is a translation of SAP Notes content available on SAP support side for quite some time. A links to translated Notes are available usually at the very end of the note. There is a section called Available Language that lists out all the languages.

There can is an URL parameter that can be used to access the SAP Note in a specific language. Like below examples:      English       Italian      German      Spain      Portugal      French      Russian       Japan      Chinese      Korean


Normally except German and English languages, the translation to all other languages is just a machine translation. As with any machine translated texts there is not a guarantee of accuracy or completeness of the translation.

In addition, there can be another problem that a codes snippets, parameters names and similar things that are not supposed to be translated are sometimes translated too.

Anyhow, if someone is interested in learning the new languages this is can be also a chance :-)

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