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Program to find personal data in BW/BEx report objects

Within BW reports (formerly BEx reports), there can be a personal information in form of SAP user name or email stored. There are multiple BW report objects that can store such an information. It can be query element (ELEM), query view (QVIW), workbook (XLBW), web template (BTMP), enterprise report (ERPT), broadcast settings (BRSE), bookmark (ABAP, JAVA runtime or BICS), web item (BITM), Query Variants (RSRT) and so on.

Situation where one particular user that is used in objects like above needs to be replaced with a new one. This can be a case when original user is leaving an organization. Similarly if user email got changed (e.g. in case of marriage). How to find what are all the objects where the user ID/email is stored?

SAP provides an ABAP program to do that. It is called RS_FIND_USER_INFO and it serves for purposes of finding the user information across different BW/BEx objects.

On its selection screen a user needs to be specified whose information is search for. On top of that, program can run in three modes:

1. Display what are particular BW/BEx table where the information was found and how many entrees are there in those tables. See picture below.

2. Replacement of user in OWNER field – OWNER is a user who created the particular BW/BEx object. In this mode of the program run the OWNER value can be replaced.

 3. Replacement of user in other field – Programs replaces the user name in other fields such as AUTHOR, TSTPNM, LASTUSER, CHANGED_BY etc.

One more option on the selection screens is a checkbox for deletion of a records in the tables that carries the user record.

Example of the program’s output:

The program 1st appeared in BW 7.4 SP20 and is present also in BW4/HANA systems.


More info:

2603432 - Report RS_FIND_USER_INFO

2642676 - NW 7.50 - BEx 7.x Java runtime – deletion of data

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