Thursday, May 12, 2022

SAP for Me and SAP Support Portal vs ONE Support Launchpad

In my post, I do mention supports sites of SAP a lot. They are quite useful to search for an information about SAP products, issues, how-tos, also to request license keys, support or to download SAP software.  As there are many names for those sites I recon it can be useful to mention the latest ones.

In past we normally referred to these sites as SAP Support Portals either as OSS (Online Support System) or later as SMP (Service Market Place). Nowadays we can distinguish between two main support landing pages:


SAP Support Portal is one stop for all support and service related needs of SAP customers. It can be used to access the software, download the software, request license keys, get technical support, get an information about the software solution and find the documentation. Link:


ONE Support Launchpad is the new version of the Service Market Place (SMP) for all SAP customers. Link: the site will soon transaction to SAP for Me that will be single entry point to all support site of SAP. Right now, the SAP for Me serves as a place to improve SAP customer experience throughout all touch-points with SAP. A list of all product’s portfolio, finance and legal stuff with customer relation to SAP is available there, other areas are service and support and systems and provisioning among other things are available via the SAP for Me site.

More information:



SAP Support Portal

SAP ONE Support Launchpad

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