Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Starting with SAP Business Application Studio (BAS)

SAP Business Application Studio (BAS) is a new IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that is currently replacing SAP Web IDE as its next evolution. It is a part of SAP Cloud Platform (SCP). Means it is the SCP’s service in SAP Cloud Foundry part of the SCP. SAP’s targets it as the environment to develop applications for its SAP Intelligent Enterprise. It was introduced in 2019 and it runs only in cloud – means in your web browser. It is based on Eclipse Theia platform.

Look and feels is very much a like VS Code tool. Thus, it has most of these nice VS Code’s features like command line, editor, debugger, source control, etc.

How to start to use the BAS? First, you need and account into SCP. A trial account can be setup via SCP cockpit. Notice that as Neo (which was hosted in SAP’s own data centers) part of the SCP is sunsetting (started on November 13, 2020) that is why all the SCP trial accounts are Cloud Foundry stack (SCP CF, hosted by hyperscalers) based. The trial account can be used 30 days and can be extend to a maximum of 365 days. There is a “small” challenge with the trials. After maximum days the account is flashed out it is not possible to cannot carry over any development projects from old trial to a new trial account. But that’s is another story...

Every development fragment in the BAS needs to be created in so called dev spaces. The dev space is isolated virtual machines in the cloud.

They are pre-installed runtimes per development artefact that is being developed e.g.: SAP Fiori app, SAP Cloud Business Application, SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, SAP HANA Native Application, Workflows, Extensions.

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