Friday, January 8, 2021

New features of 2020

SAP Help Portal available at is very well known as a source of all help documentation for any of SAP’s software. Site was improved - mostly over last few years. There were some new features added along site redesign. Recently I came across two feature that I find useful.

1. Personalization – one can log into the (e.g. via SAP Universal ID, SAP Support Portal ID, S*, P* user, etc.). Once logged in, it is possible to store bookmarks (so called My Favorite Pages) of visited pages related to any of SAP software. Similarly, a favorite product (so called My Favorite Product) can be selected. All of these is then available under My Profile part of the In addition, there is a history of the site searches available too. All the items available are manageable (rename, delete) with My Profile.

2. “Latest” in the URLs – historically all pages were static. Meaning that the URL of the product page uniquely points to certain version of the SAP software product. This is now changed a bit. It is possible to produce the URL that always points into documentation of the newest version of some product.

For example, the URL of the documentation of SAP Business Warehouse 7.5 (SP19) is this:

However, in future if there will be a newer SP available (e.g. SP20) below URL should show the documentation of the latest SP:

The trick is a keyword the LATEST that always points to the latest version of particular document.



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