Sunday, May 19, 2019

Switching to BEx Query Designer from SAP BI front end tools

Running BEx Query Designer (QD) directly from BI front-end tool is very common case especially when the QD opened directly the query, which is displayed in the front end tool. Having this function in place means no need to open the QD separately and no need to find the particular query in the QD while it is opened.

BEx Analyzer has this function for a very long time. It is available via menu Business Explorer -> Analyzer -> Choose Add-Ins, and from BEx Analysis Toolbox, choose Tools -> New Query.

In Analysis for Office (AfO) which is supposed to be replacement for BEx Analyzer this function was missing in its earlier versions. However at least in 2.6 the function is there. It needs to be enabled first by customizing the AfO’s UI. This is available via menu Analysis -> Custumize Analysis -> Custumize User Interface. 

On this pop-up window under Ribbon, part there is a Tools section available and under that one “Launch Query Designer” needs to be ticked off.

Finally, the BEx QD is available on AfO's ribbon:

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