Thursday, May 30, 2019

How to find out code of SAP icon

Codes of SAP icons are used in ABAP report in some cases. For example of here a dynpro having some icons assigned to particular data rows in table grid there can be a logic which evaluates what is value of particular icon. In case one needs to debug it and perhaps change the icon, (means change value of the icon’s code) it is handy to know these codes. Because the icon can only be entered into debugger by providing its value.

Recently I debugged some BW’s UD Connect data source screens and I came across statement that evaluated value of the icon:

Variable icon_bw_datasource declared in Type group called ICON. In this particular type group, there are more than 1200 icons available.

The type group are available from Data Dictionary related t-codes like SE11. 


Alex said...

You can also just use transaction ICON or open table ICON.

Martin Maruskin said...

Thanks Alex for sharing this information.