Thursday, May 30, 2019

How to find out when and who ran what APD

Sometime it is needed to find out when some APDs were running, who ran them and so on. In case the APD name is known, it is easy. One just needs to go to APD maintenance part of t-code RSA1. That screen can be also accessed directly via t-code RSANWB. Here just particular APD needs to be displayed and there is a Monitor icon available on its tool bar.

The monitor of the APD has also separate t-code called RSANWB_MONITOR. Report behind this t-code  is called RSAN_PRR_MONITOR_NO_SEL_SCREEN. The report just submits other report RSAN_PRR_MONITOR. Finally, the later report calls FM RSAN_PRR_MONITOR_START where all logic of the APD monitor is developed.

However, what to do in case that APD name that ran is not known. In such a case t-code SLG1 can be leveraged. By supplying string RSANPR into Object field of the SLG1.

SLG1 -> Object = RSANPR

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