Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Dummy report for process chain decision processes

For decision processes within process chains (PC) there is sometimes needed a dummy step which the process ends in. Normally it is a dummy ABAP report can be created that has no code at all. For this a new Z* custom ABAP program can be created. But this is not necessary as there are already few ABAP programs w/o any codes.

One of such an example is ABAP_INTRO_DUMMY. So no need to create a new blank report just this one can be used.


Martin Schünemann said...

Do it without ABAP. Just use Process chain step "Set IF Status PCST" to Complete for option #2

Martin Schünemann said...

Just do it w/o ABAP. Use PC Step: "Set IF Status PCST" for option #2 and set the PC to complete.

mifo111 said...

There is no PC Step "PCST".

mifo111 said...

There is no PC Step PCST

Martin Maruskin said...

Hi mifo111,

I think what Martin Schünemann meant in his comments by PC step PCST are two decision steps in standard "Decide between Multiple Alternatives" process. Which is process type DECISION (in table RSPROCESSTYPES).