Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Texts of hierarchies on top of InfoObjects

Normally a database table (ABAP world) in SAP can have its text table. The text table can be created in ABAP workbench t-code like SE11 and there in Goto menu I item called Text Table available. By this a text table will be created. The text data needed for main table is stored in the text table.

Similarly in BW world an InfoObject can have a text table. In t-code RSA1 -> InfoObject section there in tab called Master Data if “With Text” flag is ticked off. This creates a new table (e.g. in naming convention /BIC/T*, where * represents name of the IO).

Similarly in BW hierarchy’s world the texts are stored in table RSTHIERNODE. This is common table for all hierarchies available in particular BW system. By specifying value in field HIEID where a technical ID of hierarchy goes all three text texts (short, medium, long) can be lookup.

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