Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Dummy report for process chain decision processes

For decision processes within process chains (PC) there is sometimes needed a dummy step which the process ends in. Normally it is a dummy ABAP report can be created that has no code at all. For this a new Z* custom ABAP program can be created. But this is not necessary as there are already few ABAP programs w/o any codes.

One of such an example is ABAP_INTRO_DUMMY. So no need to create a new blank report just this one can be used.


Martin Sch√ľnemann said...

Do it without ABAP. Just use Process chain step "Set IF Status PCST" to Complete for option #2

Martin Sch√ľnemann said...

Just do it w/o ABAP. Use PC Step: "Set IF Status PCST" for option #2 and set the PC to complete.