Friday, November 3, 2017

SAP NW ABAP server system info via ABAP class CL_SERVER_INFO

While using t-code SM66 I observed that in almost every time I enter in there I see some process running associated with ABAP class CL_SERVER_INFO. This was in SAP NW 74 ABAP stack based system. Depending on the kernel version there might be ABAP report SAPLTHFB displayed instead of the class. The class / report are used here to collect the work process information from all the instances of a system. It normal behavior of the ABAP system for a dialog work process of particular user logged into the system.

In older version of the SM66 t-code (in newer releases called SM66_OLD) there is an option to hide these work processes does. In the new SM66 this options is not there.

I had a closer look at the ABAP class CL_SERVER_INFO. It provides useful information about the ABAP server. For demonstration see mu github’s gits here - ZMM_SYS_INFO.abap

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