Monday, November 20, 2017

Run of DTP error instance DUMMY_NO_REQ_CREATED

In case of an attempt to run a DTP process it ends with an error “instance DUMMY_NO_REQ_CREATED” there are following cases possible that might went wrong.

·         Transformation (TRFN) related to the DTP is not active
·         Issues occurred while attempt to active the TRFN
·         Runtime object of the TRFN cannot be created
·         Request can’t be created

This error can be recognizable with Process Chain of its log view. The DTP process looks like it is disable, not green neither red. Simply it didn’t run.

The error also can be observed in logs of PC and of corresponding job:

PC log:
Process Data Transfer Process, variant OBJ1 -> OBJ2 has status Skipped at restart (instance DUMMY_NO_REQ_CREATED)

Job log:
Process Data Transfer Process, variant OBJ1 -> OBJ2: has status Ended with errors (instance DUMMY_NO_REQ_CREATED)           RSPC   9

Resolution in most cases is reactivating or re-transporting corresponding TRFN.

More information:
2416976 - DTP in process chain fails with DUMMY_NO_REQ_CREATED

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