Friday, October 27, 2017

How to sort out many RKF/CKF created on top of infoprov?

Global calculated or restricted key figures (CKF/RKF) created on top of infoprovider are a very common things developed in BW systems. Using global objects like this enables sharing the objects between different queries leveraging their functionality. Normally the SAP BW developers use them very often. They can be accessible from BEx Query Designer (QD) on left panel where other global objects like structures are visible.

Problem becomes when there are too many objects. It can be very difficult to navigate within the KFs in case there are hundreds or thousands (yes I’ve seen that too) of them. To solve this SAP is providing functionality where the RKF/CKF can be categorized within the hierarchy. The function is available in tcode RSZTREE (ABAP report RSZ_COMPONENT_TREE). It enables hierarchical display of the KFs. The KFs can be grouped into nodes of the hierarchy. The final structure can be also then visible in the BEx QD so it is available to developer while dealing with the BEx queries.

The hierarchy can be created and maintained with the tcode mentioned. The hierarchy of the RKF/CKF can be transported together with inforprovider involved. Tables where the hierarchy data is stored are RSZCOMPTREE and RSZCOMPTREETXT.

The tcode is available as of SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30 SP08.

More information:
1648317 - Hierarchical display of RKF/CKF in Query Designer

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