Saturday, September 17, 2016

BoH: Obsolete processes in process chains

While running SAP BW on HANA database there are couple of processes within process chains that were used before and are not needed anymore. Reason is that HANA has some of these functions already build on DB level and BW doesn’t need to be worry about them. A list of these obsolete processes is here:

Index related:
Build Index
Delete Index
Aggregate or BWA related:
Initial Filling of New Aggregates
Adjust Time-Dependent Aggregates
Rolling Up Filled Aggregates/BWA Indexes
DB statistics related:
Construct Database Statistics
Update Explorer Properties of BW Objects

So what actually the SAP BW system does when it runs into the process that is obsolete for HANA? There is simple check if the HANA is the DB of particular system. The check itself is very similar to the checks that I introduced in my other blog: How to check whether your ABAP NetWeaver is HANA DB based? It is just a check of attribute n_is_hdb_system which is initialized in constructor of class CL_RS_UTILITIES (cl_rs_utilities=>n_is_hdb_system = rs_c_true). While the check return value true then messages like below are displayed:

·         Variant &1 skipped (not required for SAP HANA database)
·         Deleting the index is not necessary/useful for HANA DB systems
·         Building an index is not necessary/useful for HANA DB systems
·         No roll-up required for HANA DB systems

Then finally what we see in process chain monitor is nice log like following:

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