Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How to find out what triggered run of APD process?

Sometimes we are wondering how come that some Analysis Process Designer (APD) process ran. Usually user can execute it manually from tcode RSA1 or RSANWB. There is a possibility to see a log or so called Monitor for APD but it doesn’t tell who and how it was started. What is possible to get out of the APD monitor is job name (BI_PROCESS_ANPR) and job number, etc.

Therefore one option that one can turn to is a possibility that it was triggered by process chain (PC). To look up the list of PC that contain a step of APD execution a table RSPCCHAIN can be used. Following restriction shall be used. Into field TYPE = ANPR and VARIANTE = “name of APD process”. By this selection one can get a list of PC where particular APD is used.

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