Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pushing DTP execution to HANA DB

After migration to HANA DB one can observe a new setting on DTP screen. To be precise it is on header part of the DTP and it is called “SAP HANA execution” What it means is that in case it is checked then the DTP is executed directly in HANA DB. If it is NOT checked then the DTP is executed on ABAP AS and not directly in HANA DB. That means that the execution is not pushed to DB and there is no potential performance gains. So it simple runs like in BW on any other DB.

Naturally there are some conditions that must be met to enable this. Transformation associated with the DTP must not have any with ABAP routines because these can’t be executed by HANA but just by ABAP AS. Therefore if you have any ABAP routines that jus manipulates with the result of field like below one:


Just replace it with Rule Type Formula like:


Now imagine we got rid of all ABAP routines in the transformation and we would like to enable the “SAP HANA execution” flag. However attempt to do so gets us an error messages like:

HANA Execution: "No extraction using API" not supported
HANA Execution: Error handling not supported

To solve 1st error we need to enable another flag on the DTP. It is located at Extraction tab of the DTP and it is called “No Extraction Using API” (TREX_EXT_AGGREGATE). What it means is that even the DTP execution can be pushed to HANA it would be a case and it still will be executed at ABAP AS level. Obliviously we would like to push the DTP to HANA. So in case we switch to EDIT mode of the DTP and we attempt to thick off the settings. 

The second error message is related to error handling. This setting is available on Update tab of the DTP. And we need to set it to position “Cancel request, Do not Track records, No update”.
Once we hit “Check availability” button located next to first flag “SAP HANA Execution” (see 1st picture above) then finally the DTP will be executed by HANA as we got info message “DTP compatible with 'SAP HANA Execution'. You may notice I briefly touched this topic at my other post called “Changes in BW system after HANA migration”.

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