Saturday, January 9, 2016

Simple SAP related flow in MuleSoft application – IDOC based

Similarly as in my previous post I’m sharing a little about my experience while working with MuleSoft Mule ESB platform.

In next text I depict simple flow in the mule which listens for incoming data coming into the mule’s app from an IDoc generated in SAP. Once the IDoc of certain type is created in the SAP it is displayed in the app’s console. Needless to say that the IDoc gets generated in the SAP when some business data gets modified (created/changed/deleted). There is quite extensive configuration to be done at SAP side with regards to ALE customizing in order to setup the IDoc generation. On the mule side there is just an SAP Connector configured which acts as the IDoc listener. The IDoc Basic Type needs to be specified in its Object Name field. All parameters for connection form the mule app to the SAP are taken via parameters form file.

Here’s the mule app’s console output looks like:

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