Monday, January 11, 2016

How to prove your SAP certification?

SAP Consultants work hard to earn certification. Once it is secured they also want to make it visible that they have it. This is important to distinguish between those who really have it and “those” who just claim to have it. How to make prove that someone who claims to have it really has it?

SAP is providing dedicated tool where it is possible to do kind of “certification check” on person who claims having the SAP certification. Once someone earns the SAP certification he or she can manage the certification(s). Also it is possible to update personal information, review current certifications etc. The most important feature of the tool is that it allows publishing one’s credentials to so called “SAP Certified Consultant Registry”.

How does it work? It is very simple. After successful completion of the SAP certification a logon credentials to the tool are provided by SAP. After that the consultant can manage it by himself. You can prepare URL which points into your certification and include it in your CV.

The tool is available via link: here you can lookup someone’s certification.

SAP Credential Manager: here you can manage the certification.

Notice that it takes 10-14 days after you have passed an SAP certification exam to see it in the registry. If you earned the certification in the past and you do not have an account into the tool you can request it via SAP Education Department. Once you have it but facing logon issue you can request reset of password via:

Update 08JAN2022

Sites mentioned above do not work anymore. If you achieve SAP certification, you can prove it via site called which is endorsed by SAP via so called badges.


More information:

SAP certification homepage

Certification Credential Manager


Anonymous said...

Be careful, those domains mentioned are no official sap domains, as can be seen via whois. They pretend be, but does not belong to sap at all.

Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Anonymous,

SAP's official pages (e.g this one: related to certifications are pointing to site
I do not doubt the site credibility even they are owned by different company - PEARSON in this case.


Unknown said...

SAP global certification