Friday, September 25, 2015

Adding BW objects from temporary into development package

This is common issue in BW systems. Especially in systems which are productive or golden ones where no any changes were foreseen. If in such a systems an objects like BW objects of type BEx query, Query Elements, DTP, InfoPacks, etc. were created they were assigned to local package $TMP. These objects in local package are not transportable. In case it is needed to transport thee objects an assignment from $TMP to real development package must take in place.

To do this we usually go into object directory entry and we assign the object into development package. However if the system is closed for an changes this re-assignment of the package is not possible. While doing such an attempt there is error messaged showed as below.

Therefore always plan ahead. If there is necessities to re-assign the development package in e.g. productive system make sure that you get your system opened. The opening of the system/client itself takes place in t-code SCC4.

System setting does not allow changes to be made to object ELEM 00O2SPCKTAN9FU9JJTONQD8BW

Message No. TO128


The system and namespace change option set for this SAP System does not allow any changes to be made to object ELEM 00O2SPCKTAN9FU9JJTONQD8BW.

System Response
Editing is terminated, the object can only be displayed.

If you want to edit the object ELEM 00O2SPCKTAN9FU9JJTONQD8BW in this SAP System, have your system administator set the SAP System to "modifiable" for this object.
This can affect the modifiability of the namespace /0CUST/ or the namespaces that correspond to the pattern /0CUST/, as well as the global setting of the system change option.
The system change option is set using the Transport Organizer tools (Transaction SE03). Expand the Administration node and execute the program Set system change option. The options are described there.

- Update 21/05/2017 –
Got a tip from a friend – Martin Kuma regarding below error that may occur while inserting BEx Query elements into transport request via Transport Connection:

Object ELEM 00O2TK9973U27J5NF6N1XHFOP is generated, and cannot be transported. Message No. RSO215

To overcome this error an adjustment of TADIR table’s field GENFLAG is needed for particular entry. Value X of the field GENFLAG shall be removed and then it is possible to collect the entry into the transport request. The GENFLAG field basically identifies entries that were generated directly in the NetWeaver system.


cyril raffin said...


Thanks for this solution.
It's possible to use Transport Connection (RSA1) too.
When you add your element, if you right click there is an option "Change Package".
Thanks a lot for you blog. It's one of the best SAP website I know.
Best regards, Cyril.

Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Cyril,

thank you for your kind words!