Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Maximum attachment size limit for an email sent from SAP

Sometimes it may happen that outgoing emails from SAP instance are not going through. They are stuck in queue and have red status saying following error:

Cannot process message; maximum size exceeded
Message No. XS850

This clearly indicates that email is too big to get it sent over. Case might be that it has an attachment which size is causing this. It is worth to investigate actual size of the email and the attachment. However one may end up having email already compressed and facing this issue. So further compressing of the email attachment makes no sense. Therefore chance is to check what actually the limit of the email size is. Parameters related to the size of email and its attachment are customizable. The customizing table is called SXPARAMS - SAPconnect: Parameter Table. Its maintenance is available t-code SOST -> Utilities -> General Parameters or via SM30 -> SXPARAMS.

Few parameters related to size of email and its components:

Parameter                                        Parameter value

MAXLEN_BODYPART_SMTP             0 ... 999999999999   size for a document
MAXLEN_BODYPART_ALI_SMTP       0 ... 999999999999   lists of the type ALI
MAXLEN_BODYPART_OTF_SMTP      0 ... 999999999999   SAPscript documents

MAXLEN_MIME_MESSAGE_SMTP     0 ... 999999999999   MIME MIME attachments

Update 02-08-2016
There is one more parameter of SCOT. It is related to size of email.
MAXLEN_BODYPART_EXT_SMTP      size for an attachment, default value: 10485760


Anonymous said...

There is another limit that was not mentioned in the post.
The size of a message is limited to 25% of the value of mpi/total_size_MB

Martin Maruskin said...

thanks you for contribution! There is an SAP Note:
690020 - SAPconnect send process hangs with large mails
which explain the parameter: mpi/total_size_MB
MPI - Memory Pipes of Internet Connection Manager

Unknown said...

well explained..