Sunday, September 13, 2015

Can’t set more than 30 breakpoints

Sometimes it is very easy to set many breakpoints while digging into SAP system. Very common case for that is to set a breakpoint into every statement like MESSAGE. Then in case one still needs more breakpoints following messages pops-up:

Can’t set more than 30 breakpoints
Message No. SY407

It is a matter of fact that there is this hard limit on number of breakpoints = 30 per one login into the system. It is not possible to set more breakpoints than that. The breakpoints (session breakpoints) are managed by C function DEBUG_CNTL so it is not possible to tell where the list of the breakpoints already set are stored. Only in case of external breakpoints it is possible to determine no of these. They are stored in table ABDBG_BPS.

Now how to easily get rid of all the breakpoints currently set in the system? Deactivating and also removing the breakpoints can be achieved in following ways:

1. In ABAP Workbench (tcode SE38): while in source code, see menu:
Utilities -> Breakpoints -> Delete
Utilities -> External Breakpoints -> Delete

2. In ABAP Debugger, menu: Breakpoints -> Delete all BPs or Deactivate all BPs

3. tcode RSBREAKPOINTS -> Delete Breakpoints

More information on breakpoints topic:
Remote ABAP Debugging and more (btw: this blog was written almost exactly 6 years back from writing this blog J )

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