Friday, May 8, 2015

BW 74: Monitoring of process chain for mobile devices

Transaction codes like RSPC1 or RSPCM are very commonly used by BW administrators. Their main purpose is very simply to monitor the process chains so basically to monitor the data loads. For overview of all RSPC* related t-codes see here.

Within BW 74 these t-codes get even better as there is new t-code available. It is RSPCM_WEB (this is available in BW 74 SP09+) which uses web environment instead of SAP GUI. The web application is based on SAPUI5 framework which provides unified look&feel for any devices. Data connection BW server is based on SAP Gateway technology. Therefore your BW 74 system must have installed SAP Gateway component (look for components SAP_GWFND = SAP Gateway Foundation in your system). If you have a Gateway installed on your BW system then follow up OData service configuration as per this guide. Basically you need to activate OData service (RSPCM_GW_SERVICE_SRV) in customizing: t-code SPRO -> SAP NetWeaver -> Gateway -> OData Channel -> Administration -> General Settings -> Activating and Managing Services. Then follow with activate of the the SAPUI5 application in t-code SICF -> service Name: RSPCM*

Once it is you have it all configured you can run the app via calling following URL:


or by just kicking it off from SAP GUI via t-code: RSPCM_WEB

Common issues with this functionality are that while attempt to run tcode RSPCM_WEB following error message is raised:

Transaction error with 403 Forbidden
Followed by message:
No Process chains found

Usually this is caused either by fact that corresponding service to UI5 service is not active. In this case you need to activate following service in t-code SICF /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/rspcm_web. Other case might be that there is no process chains entered in t-code RSPCM. 

More information:
2113675 - RSPCM_WEB transaction error with 403 Forbidden


Datawolf said...

In case of Server Internal Error 500 "SAP Netweaver Gateway has been deactivated"
you will have to activate the Gateway (transaction /IWFND/IWF_ACTIVATE).

Martin Maruskin said...

Thanks for adding useful information Laurent!

Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you for your great help.
I've found out that there could be much more steps to be proceeded as well.

Here is an hint from SAP site:

Martin Maruskin said...

Thanks for sharing a link to SAP documentation.