Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Digging into user BEx Analyzer’s Favorites

Sometimes BW people are just ask to loot at user’s reports stored in his Favorites. Business users always do not want to deal with report’s technical names. They just refer to their Favorites and ask to do something with particular report. So be it and as BW developers we need to deal with it.

How to find reports which are stored in someone’s BEx Analyzer Favorites? Table which holds this information is called SMEN_BUFFC. It is common table which holds much more information than just BW’s Favorites. There is information on Favorites in SAP’s GUI SAP Easy Access (like tcodes, folders, URL.), BW reports, ABAP Queries, Report Writers reports etc. To recognize what type of the object is it use field REPORTTYPE, which can have following values:

<space>      ABAP
AQ               Query
BB                Report Portfolio Rpt
LS                Form
RE                Drilldown Reporting
RW               Report Writer Report
TR                Transactions
OT                Other

To get someone’s BW reports a filter on field REPORT and value SAP_BW_QUERY needs to be placed.

Further how to get the BEx query technical name. From the table SMEN_BUFFC take value of corresponding field named SAP_GUID. With value of this field go to table RSRREPDIR and put the value into the field GENUNID on selection.

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