Thursday, February 26, 2015

Max length of IO technical name

In BW 7.4 several great and useful improvements were delivered. One of them is that length of characteristic’s value is increased to 1333 characters in 74 version of BW. That’s good news. However one of big pain points of BW still stays. It is with regards to maximum length of IO’s technical name. This limit is touching every BW objects; infoobjects (IO) including. As the IOs are very basic BW objects – we can compare the IO to table field in terms of ECC; this is really burden. In case of IO the length is just 9 characters. The limit really depends on into what namespace particular IO belongs to. But for custom IO it is really just 9 chars.

There is a method called GET_MAXIMUM_LENGTH of ABAP class CL_RSD_IOBJ_UTILITIES that rules on max length of IO technical name. Based on used namespace and whether SAP or custom objects it determines the length from following constants of type group RSDG:

CONSTANTS rsdg_c_iobj_max_len_sap TYPE rsd_s_doma-intlen VALUE '11'.
CONSTANTS rsdg_c_iobj_max_len_cus TYPE rsd_s_doma-intlen VALUE '9'.
CONSTANTS rsdg_c_iobj_max_len_par TYPE rsd_s_doma-intlen VALUE '14'.
CONSTANTS rsdg_c_iobj_min_len     TYPE rsd_s_doma-intlen VALUE '3'.  

PS: idea of increasing length of BW technical names is already placed at feel free to promote it. Maybe it will be delivered by SAP soon J

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