Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Who imported Transport Request into system?

In case SAP developer (BW including) is interested who created/released/unlocked/imported particular transport request (TR) into the target system there are a ways how to get to know this information:

  1. TA SE10 or SE09 -> display particular TR via Display Individually icon (F5) on tool bar. Once TR displayed select Action Log form Goto menu. Here you will see all workflow of the TR. When/who: has created it, deleted subtasks, changed owner and released it.
  2. TA STMS or STMS_IMPORT -> if you start with STMS first you need to go into Import Overview (F5) from the toolbar and choose import queues of particular target system. Once you there click on Import History button (CTRL+F7) on the toolbar. On next screen choose Display More from Edit menu. Column User has the name of the user who imported the TR into target system.
  3. Tables:
E070 - Headers of Requests/Tasks
TPALOG – TR import history

TPALOGHDR - Header Table for TPALOG

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