Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Adobe Document Services (ADS)

ADS is used within SAP systems to enable form based processing of data. Functionalities of ADS can be called form both stacks of NetWeaver (JAVA and ABAAP) regardless the fact that ADS is running on JAVA stack of NW. Technology is supporting even interactive forms and they can be used even in offline mode. PDF that are generated by ADS can have possibility of annotating, digitally signing and can be embedded as attachments.

ADS is one of web services (AdobeDocumentServices*) build on top of JAVA stack. Refer to JAVA Stack URL: http://:port/wsnavigator to see all your services. The services of ADS are actually doing the job of forms processing. Either form is being created here (e.g. merging it from template and filling up with the data or extracting the data from XML format of the form and sending it back to app. The form can be developed in ABAP stack in TA SMARTFORMS and in JAVA stack in SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. The application enables form is interactive. E.g. user input can be validated and therefore checked for its correctness.
The form like that with possibility of user interaction we call SAP Interactive Forms or SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe.

For more details see:

944221 - Troubleshooting if problems occur in forms processing

SMP Component: BC-SRV-FP Forms Processing

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