Sunday, June 10, 2012

Story on DTP's log entries as of BW 7.3 SP03

It is very popular and of course very reasonable among BW developers to add custom messages to monitor table of DTP. Adding those you can easily indicate what went wrong during the load or just point out an warning to support person who monitor the loading. I’m explaining how particular message can be added into the monitor in this post.

DTPs are having limitations. I proved my self about this e.g. in case of limitation of DTP filter or ABAP dumps. After I did one upgrade project to version 7.3 I found another limitation of DTPs. This time it is related to no of messages that can be posted into monitor. I’ve seen customer transformations having complex logic and storing a lot of monitoring records. Those records we re later on analyzed and based on e.g. no of particular error or warning different action was to be triggered. We had there more that 10.000 monitoring entries. Such a DTP ran fine in BW version 7.0 but not anymore in 7.3. Whiel analyzing this issue I found following 3 SAP notes:

Status about monitoring entries in DTP’s monitor in BW 7.3 SP03+ is following:

You can store up to 9.900 monitoring entries. However system defaults no of entries to 9.000 for each data package.  Means if system reached no of messages 9.000 there are only messages type of error added. If system added another 1.000 error messages; so no of 9.901 is reached system dumps (MESSAGE_TYPE_X in the Method ADD_MESSAGE of the class CL_RSBM_LOG_DTP_DP). However to obey limit of 9.000 you need to customize how many of entries are allowed for DTP. You need to customize this in table RSBKADMIN. Put your value no greater than 9900 into field MESS_NO_9000 of this table. If you want to force system to add also warning or information messages into the log after it hits 9.000 entries you need to customize this as well in table RSBKADMIN. You need to put values like AEXW (A-abort, E-error, X-exit, W-warning) into field MESS_TYPES_9000.

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