Monday, December 26, 2011

Processing of SAP Support messages

SMP messages are kind of communication channel between SAP support organization and SAP’s customer. The aim is to support customers within their problems with SAP applications. Customer reports problems via SMP under /message link. There are 4 priorities (see below) defined from which customers can choose according problem’s severity. After submitting support message you may wonder what is the duty time range within SAP should respond. Please notice that this time may differ per particular contract between SAP and customer. Also if customer is using e.g. max attention product -> times may differ. However times specified below can serve as general guideline.

So to make it short the initial respond times/update periods and response goals are follows:

 Priority     Severity     Initial Response     Update period      Response goal
 ------     ---------    ---------------    --------------     ---------------
     1         very high     60 minutes           4 hours               2 days
     2         high             4 hours               1 day                  4 days
     3         normal         8 hours               2 days                8 days
     4         low              16 hours             4 days                16 days

For details see following SAP notes:

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree that messages do lays an important role between an organization and customer as they act as a communication medium between both these identities. So there should be a proper and error free processing of these messages.
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