Saturday, June 6, 2009

SAP GUI visual designs

In addition to one of my very first posts (Short history of SAP GUI) related to SAP GUI I’m posting some more information about SAP GUI themes that are available as of mid 2009. A term theme is used by SAP to describe so called skin or visual design of its front-end components.
To continue where I stopped in post of Short history of SAP GUI I would like to focus on version of 6.x and 7.x of GUI. 

In version 6.20 following designs were added to complete so called "Classic" and "EnjoySAP" themes: "Streamline" and "Tradeshow".

Within version of 7.10, a brand new Signature Design was added.

To get it all together see following overview:


1. Classic or Accessibility theme: Probably the most know version. Comprises of design that was standard for OS Windows 95 based applications. Includes advanced features for keyboard access.

2. MS Windows theme: Is reused Classic or Accessibility theme.

3. EnjoySAP: A design produced specially for SAP by Frog Design company. First was offered within GUI 4.6 based on ZEN design. It is excellent to Classic theme from an ergonomic point of view.

4. High Contrast: Based on EnjoySAP theme as its variant. Dedicated to users requiring an especially heavy contrast with high contrast colors: like dark foreground and bright background colors.
5. Streamline: Yet another EnjoySAP theme that is adjusted to the design of the Enterprise Portal. It is mostly in decent blue color and brighter blue bottoms.
6. Tradeshow: Based on refinement Streamline theme. Again mostly in blue color for better output on projectors.
7. SAP Signature Design: The new SAP design that is to be provided unified face for all SAP UI technologies intended to harmonize those UIs. Since screenshot fo TA RSA1 is provided in this post here see TA SE38.
8. System Default theme: Also known as System Dependent. Theme is determined by system into which GUI is getting to be connected. Customizing of this feature is done by parameter sapgui/theme of system profile. Following values are available:

"ENJOY"          = SAP GUI New Visual Design from 2000DEFAULT
"STREAMLINE" = NetweaverVisual Design from 2003
"TRADESHOW" = NetweaverVisual Design from 2004


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