Saturday, June 6, 2009

Few more BEx messages 2

After posting probably the most re-occurring BEx’s error – related to lib32rfc.dll I collected few more messages that programs of BEx Suite’s used to throw.

1. Message given by BEx while backend BW system is not accessible. E.g. you got disconnected from network.

2. This message you usually get only once when you connect to BW backend for first time via BEX Web Application Designer. System does download all metadata from the ABAP Stack of BW server. Download directory is following:
X:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SAP\BEx\WAD\MD\\WADMD\\.

Folder can be customized by setting value to BEXWAD_METADATADIR environment variable in your operational system.

3. Once you are trying to open BW query created in BEx version 7.x on older version of SAP BEx Query Designer, e.g. version 3.x.

4. In case you are running corrupted installation of SAP GUI:

Error message "missing ActiveX component: SAP business explorer open/save dialog".

You have to reinstall it again.

5. Web Application Designer or BEx Query Designer used to thrown message indicating that standard transport system of BW has been activated for BW BEx’s objects. This means that objects are not automatically put into $TMP development package but system asks for transport request no. each time you create new object. You can switch on/off Standard Transport System of BW within following path:

TA RSA1->Transport Connection->menu Edit->Transport
->Switch-On Standard
->Switch-Off Standard

Thinking of other BEx's messages? Keep visiting this blog they are coming soon :-)

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