Wednesday, February 18, 2009

SAP BI Standard Application Benchmarks

A set of BI Standard Application Benchmarks is part of SAP's standard benchmarks focusing on measuring performance of SAP BI solutions. It does evaluate a “navigation steps per hour” mean moreover it maps those navigation steps to the hardware components (CPU, memory, disk size).
By term navigational step a user interactions to query are considered.

The results are presented in unit called "SAP Application Performance Standard (SAPS)" which is a hardware independent unit of measurement. 

There are 2 BI benchmarks which replaced obsolete “SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) benchmark” from Jan 2008 and now on:

  • BI-MXL benchmark - Business Intelligence mixed load benchmark: this involves measuring of both: data loading and query activity; both executed in parallel. The key figure is the number of query navigation steps/hour. This benchmark is performed w/o BI Accelerator.
  • BI-D benchmark - Business Intelligence data mart benchmark: BI system (data mart) contains a static snapshot of data. Users run queries on this data. The key figure is the number of query navigation steps/hour.

An old SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) benchmark comprised from 2 phases:

  • Load – loading of Master and transactional Data from flat files (in case of TD data flow is through PSA->IC); afterward aggregates/indexes are built. Additionally flow through PSA->DSO->IC is performed as well. Measured and evaluated is Key figure called “Throughput of data in rows/hour”.
  • Query – Reports is querying BI system with several drilldown actions across the data. Measured and evaluated is Key figure called “Number of query navigation steps/hour”.

There is an organization (within SAP) responsible for benchmarking called as SAP Benchmark Council. See all available benchmarks fitting SAP application here.

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