Monday, February 2, 2009

Downloading SAP Cryptographic Software

You would need this kind of software while you enabling SSL for you BW reporting or any other stuff. There is a separated folder on OSS from where you can download it. Navigate via to SAP Software Distribution Center then to folder Download -> SAP Cryptographic Software


Basically what is contained in here is; is a version of SAPCryptoLib so called SAPSECULIB.
Note that you have to agree with Germany Export Control Regulation since this software is a subject to export control regulation in Germany as the country of origin.

- update 08/05/2014 –
SAP Cryptographic Library (SAPCRYPTOLIB) has been moved within download area. My location is: -> Installations and Upgrades -> Browse our Download Catalog ->  SAP Cryptographic Software -> SAPCRYPTOLIB

Currently available is SAPCRYPTOLIB v 5.5.5 path level 36 (5th of Aug 2014)

See Note “397175 - SAP Cryptographic software - export control” for details on downloading restrictions.

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