Friday, February 20, 2009

Business content (BI Content aka BCT) activation procedure

Here's short procedure depicting sequence how to proceed with BI Content activation:

1. On BI side: Activate all characteristics and key figures.

  1. Activate all DSO objects and cubes.

  1. Activate all 7.0 and 3.5 version of Infosources (w/o transfer rules).

  1. On ECC side: Activate all DataSources needed for you data flow. Moreover remap all LIS.

  1. Back on BI side: Replicate all DataSources as newly activated in ECC.

  1. Assign DataSources and transfer rules for BW 3.5 version objects.

  1. Activate all update rules and transformations. As a precondition, make sure the include rs_bct_update_df is active.

  1. Activate multiproviders, infosets and queries.

  1. All data-staging-objects like DTPs, InfoPackages and ProcessChains need to be created manually for 7.0 Objects.

For more details see note 921118.


Anonymous said...

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Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Anonymous,

exactly; this is just brief overview of involved steps within activation.
It was meant to be like that.


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