Friday, April 11, 2008

SAP GUI - where to download it?

- update 05/08/2023 -

SAP GUI 760 for Windows as well as JAVA one for macOS and Linux can be downloaded from below link:

Notice that SAP user is needed. You can get the user e.g. registering at also if you have any S* user these can be used too.

- update 09/06/2022 -

Notice that you have to have a valid user to access SAP support site to download the SAP GUI. Navigate to the support site as follows: -> Software downloads -> By Category -> SAP Frontend Components -> SAP GUI for Windows or SAP GUI for Java

- update 03/15/2013 -

SAP GUI 7.30 for Windows downloads, available as of 26.06.2012


NW 7.0 Presentation - 7.30 Compilation 1 Present. 1/2

NW 7.0 Presentation - 7.30 Compilation 1 Present. 2/2


- update 04/26/2010 -

SAP GUI 7.20 for Windows downloads


SAP GUI for Windows 7.20 CDs (Compilations) can be found here:


 - update 10/18/2008 -

By the end of September 2008 SAP has removed SAP GUI installation files from its FTP server: It is not possible to download it from this location any more. Please kindly use SAP service market place (OSS) for downloading it. Here’s extract from official file placed on FTP:


SAP GUI 7.10 for Windows downloads – no more directly available


SAP GUI for Windows CDs and patches are no longer available on this server.

Please use the official download sites on SAP Service Marketplace (User-ID required).

SAP GUI for Windows 7.10 CDs (Compilations) can be found here:

SAP GUI for Windows 7.10 Patches can be found here:


- original post -

As there is still repeating same demand about SAP GUI – where to download it. I’m continuing focus on this topic. This will be addition post to previous one about overview of SAP GUI for Windows 7.10. The newest version of SAP GUI is always available on official SAP’s FTP server in folder You can user anonymous user to connect to this ftp site. The newest patches; add-on (like BI) and JAVA version of GUI are available here as well.

Other official source of SAP GUI can be service market place (OSS). Here use shortcut “swdc” (stands for SoftWare Download Center) and navigate your self like following: Download -> Installations and Upgrades -> Entry by Application Group -> SAP Frontend Components -> >SAP GUI FOR WINDOWS-> SAP GUI FOR WINDOWS 7.10 CORE etc…


Anonymous said...

Hai...Nice Blog... i dont understand with SAP NetWeaver Platform. SAP R/3 Is a program we can insert with module like HRM, Manufacturing,etc and what is SAP NetWeaver is a new Version of SAP BASIS R/3 ? how i can work with the same module like in R/3 in SAP NetWeaver , Do i have to Download the module or create in from Scratch..?

Martin Maruskin said...

Hi Anonymous, R/3 is kind of ERP software which covers all needs of big enterprises to run their business. It has a so called modules: FI, CO, MM, SD, HR, PS, PP, PM for every particular area of business.
SAP NetWeaver is technology platform for SAP components which integrates these area in more sophisticated ways like: process, information etc. accorss organization. See my other posts on this blog like here.

Within NetWeaver you can work with modules (FI, CO, ..) e.g. in case of ECC software as NetWeaver is platform where these modeles run.

If you want to use NetWeaver for learning it you can download it for free as time limited preview version (sometimes called miniSAP) but this version has no modules installed. It is just technology platform without any business functionality.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Do you you know to connect the NWBC to an old SAP R\3 4.6 IDES system?