Saturday, February 23, 2008


For long time ago InterFace Repository (IFR) was a place where developer could find any BAPI for business scenarios that he/she was working on. It was based on XML schemas directly available for you integration scenarios where several software components communicate between each other using inter/intranet. IFR was available online and it was published on CD be obtained via SAP Shop.

Since SAP has changed it integration strategy to SOA oriented; to call it in SAP terminology we say SAP's Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture (enterprise SOA or ESA) or we can say that in case of SAP’s strategy: Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA) is enhanced version of SOA. Under this terms IFR is replaced by so called Enterprise Service Workplace (ESW). The purpose is the same. Here you can browse enterprise services SAP delivers in the latest solutions of SAP Business Suite. ESW is trying to keep enterprise SOA more accessible. To see how enterprise services are working; enterprise services index is available; business context within the appropriate Solution Map is available as well. There is a detailed documentation on enterprise services to the detail of technical WSDL file definition.

So forget about IFR there’s just ESW.

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