Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Duet for IBM Lotus Notes?

During the LOTUSPHERE conference SAP and IBM has announced joint venture effort to develop software with code name Atlantic which is suppose to be a tool within IBM’s Lotus Notes and Domino software used for: reporting data from SAP applications, its workflows, user scenarios etc. The aim is to bring SAP business processes to Lotus desktops. When you reading this you will recognize that purpose of Atlantic is the same as previous joint venture SAP initiative with another email giant provider – Microsoft which is called Duet. Just information browsers are different in case of Duet it is Microsoft Outlook and in case of Atlantic it is Lotus Notes. Since it took quite a long time to develop Duet and which is still not matured enough I assume same story will follow with Atlantic. On other hand there are more benefit on IBM side – Lotus Notes are not so competitive in today’s email/collaborating tools and this will help it to get right on track a bit. When this application will be ramped up stays unclear.
- update 27-01-2009 -
During Lotusphere 2009 conference (01/2009) a new name was announced for Atlantic, it will be Alloy. Product availability will be in March this year.

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