Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ABAP Report Wizard

It looks like another great tool has been developed based on SDN initiative of community projects. It is called ABAP Report Wizard and it serves for rapid development of not just simple ABAP reports based on table joins. Tools was born by programming contribution of Leonardo De Araujo, Rich Heilman and Alexandre Giguère. See history of this tool here, installation instruction here and you can download it here. Install package can be installed to your SAP system by SAPlink. What to say furthermore? Thank you guys, thank you SDN :-)


Anonymous said...


It is rewarding to see that people downloaded, tried and is enjoying the tool.
That was our goal, to build a tool for the community.
Glad to hear you are spreading the word.

Leonardo De Araujo
ABAP Report Wizard project

Anonymous said...

Just like the way SAPLink was born, ABAP Rep Wizard is a nice tool for an SAP ABAP Developer