Saturday, December 16, 2023

"Results table" feature in SAP Code Inspector

SAP Code Inspector (t-code SCI) is a tool for analyzing and inspecting ABAP code. The tool is to help ABAP developers to ensure that ABAP code complies with certain coding standards, performance guidelines, and best practices. It performs static code checks, which means it analyzes the source code without actually executing it. The tool identifies potential issues, vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement in the code, facilitating the development of more robust and efficient applications.

Here I want to mention one feature of the SCI that is most likely not very known. It is called a "Results table". It is a button on SCI’s toolbar:

View of "Results table" provides comprehensive view where checks from the SCI and ABAP Extended Program Check (t-code SLIN) are combined.

In a picture below – issue marked in red are reported by the SCI. Issue marked in green are reported by the SLIN.

The "Results table" button is a new function that is added into SAP NetWeaver system as of SAP_BASIS 702.

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