Saturday, December 16, 2023

BW/4HANA 2.0: External SAP HANA SQL View

There is a new feature in BW/4HANA 2.0 starting with Initial Shipment Stack. In this version of the SAP BW4/HANA 2.0 is external SAP HANA SQL View introduced. The new view follows one of principles of SAP BW4/HANA, which is openness.

In older releases of SAP BW4/HANA there wasn’t dedicated SQL view to support an extraction from aDSO objects. As SAP doesn’t recommends to use active table of the aDSO for extraction (see SAP Note 1682131) due to the fact that those tables are no publicly released. In the case of SAP BW4/HANA versions lower than BW/4HANA 2.0 SAP recommends to either use the HANA Modeler to import BW InfoProvider metadata and generate a HANA Model or to generate the HANA Model for BW InfoProvider from the BW backend.

Now with the respect to BW/4HANA 2.0 the new feature brings a new SQL view that is supposed to be used for an extraction of SAP BW objects like aDSOs or InfoObjects (see SAP Note 2723506). A naming convention for the new SQL view ends *8. That means on top of other DDIC tables related to the aDSO object there is a new table /BIC/A<aDSO_tech_name>8. E.g./BIC/AZMMA_ADSO8 - View for external Access for DataStore ZMMA_ADSO.

A full list of DDIC tables/views for my example aDSO is ZMMA_ADSO:



/BIC/AZMMA_ADSO                Inbound Table for DataStore ZMMA_ADSO

/BIC/A ZMMA_ADSO1              Inbound Table for DataStore ZMMA_ADSO

/BIC/A ZMMA_ADSO2              Active Data Table for DataStore ZMMA_ADSO

/BIC/AZMMA_ADSO3               Change Log for DataStore ZMMA_ADSO


/BIC/AZMMA_ADSO6               View for Extraction from DataStore ZMMA_ADSO

/BIC/AZMMA_ADSO7               View for Reporting for DataStore ZMMA_ADSO

/BIC/AZMMA_ADSO8               View for external Access for DataStore ZMMA_ADSO


The views ending with 6 and 7 were generated by BW4/HANA 1.0 and view ending with 8 was generated in BW4/HANA 2.0. From my experience (based on BW4/HANA 2.0 SP05) the *8 view doesn’t get generated by aDSO activation right away. In my case it was generated at the time I loaded the data into the aDSO for 1st time.


More information:

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