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SAP Knowledge Warehouse

SAP Knowledge Warehouse (KW) is a knowledge management system that allows organizations to capture, store, and share knowledge across an organization. It enables organizations to build and manage a knowledge base, to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration, and to develop knowledge-driven processes. KW can be used to create and organize knowledge, to search and retrieve knowledge, and to track and monitor knowledge usage. It also enables organizations to leverage existing knowledge assets to improve decision-making processes and to enhance organizational productivity.

Perhaps people remember it because of famous *.KEP files that contained SAP standard trainings. The files were stored in the KW. Once you got the file, you could play them via %ProgramFiles%\SAP\FrontEnd\iwb\sapshow\sapshow.exe that was part of SAP GUI. This software was used to do an offline presentation in the training area. It was provided as KW add-on installed in addition to the SAP GUI. However, SAP stopped this practice and no new version of SAP contained after version 7.4.

The KW leveraged following SAP technologies:

Application Server ABAP

Application Server JAVA

SAP Content Server (with MaxDB)

SAP NetWeaver TREX


Similarly also SAP trainings are not provided in the KW any more too. Starting in 2015 (precisely on December 31, 2014) SAP abandoned a development of new training courses in the KW. All the training content is only available via SAP Learning Hub. In addition, the SAP KW does not support any SAP cloud software (e.g. S/4HANA Cloud Edition).

Some organization can still opt to use the KW to developer their own training materials. Following use cases are still possible: capture, store, retrieve, track/monitor knowledge usage, share knowledge across enterprise.

How can one access the SAP Knowledge Warehouse?

It is accessible through the SAP Fiori Launchpad. Open the SAP Fiori Launchpad and select the Knowledge Warehouse tile. This will open the Knowledge Warehouse home page. From here, you can search for content, create new content, and manage existing content. You can also access the Knowledge Warehouse from the SAP Business Suite, where you can access it from the Knowledge Warehouse Home tab. Old style of accessing in (via SAP GUI) would comprise of using t-codes like:

SII0: Change Management Area

SII1: Change Documentation Area

SII2: Change Training Area

SIIALL: Change All Areas

SIT1: Translate Documentation Area / Assignment of numbers for Area same as for Change

SITALL: Translate All Areas


More information:

1301360 - Central note for SAP Knowledge Warehouse Content Update

SAP Support Site (OSS) component: KM-KW (SAP Knowledge Warehouse)

Online doc for ABAP platform

Online docu for NW platform

2450679 - SAP KW Viewer: Last delivery with KW add-on for SAP GUI 7.40

2129988 - KW Content Updates: Discontinued

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