Sunday, December 18, 2022

How to do System/Update/tRFC debugging in new ABAP debugger?

In case you there is a need to debug some features of SAP ABAP NetWeaver platform like system, update or tRFC debugging it needs to be specifically activated to do so. Normally while a developer enters the ABAP debugger in its menu there were options to activate those kinds of debugging. However, in the newer releases of the SAP ABAP NetWeaver platform those settings are not right there in the menu. They are available under a new umbrella menu called Change Debugger Profile/Settings under Settings menu of the ABAP debugger.

Once you choose this menu, following pop-up is displayed where you can choose the type of the debugging you want to do:

I got used to do an update tasks debugging directly selecting it from the Debugger’s menu. After some time not using it I got confused that this settings was moved to the separate pop up and it took me a little while to find where the activation of update debugging is :-)

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