Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Find obsolete t-codes/apps in S/4 systems

Over the time of development of SAP ERP system, there are many t-codes that were rewritten and they replaced older ones for particular functionality. For a reasons of backward compatibility, the old ones are still present in the system. Just they are not supposed to be used any more. There are few options on how to find out whether particular t-code is deprecated transactions or not.

Mostly in SAP S/4 systems there is a table PRGN_CORR2. It stores a mapping between old (column S_TCODE) and new t-code (T_TCODE).

The t-code may be obsolete in case a lock is setup for the particular t-code via SM01_DEV t-code. There is a message “Transaction SQ11 is locked (locked development object) Message no. 00814” displayed in case an attempt to run the locked t-code is made.

In case the t-code is not present in table TSTC (SAP Transaction Codes) then it is not present in the system at all.

Furthermore, there are tables like ABLM_BLACKLIST and SBLM_BLACKLIST that holds an information about blacklisted t-codes, forms, functions, methods, any events, programs.

One more table is USOB_SM that provides an information whether object (t-code, RFC Function Module, TADIR Service, External Service) is either in normal maintenance, automatic maintenance or it is obsolete.

I wondered whether the PRGN_CORR2 table is available in the SAP BW systems. Yes, it is in there! Even it does not store any information related to BW t-codes (RS*). Reason why it is in there is that the table is part of ABAP Role Administration (Profile Generator) functions.

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