Thursday, June 9, 2022

Error: Numeric overflow for parameter/column

I recently ran into an issue of reading aDSO object from custom code. I used a method READ of ABAP class CL_RSDRI_INFOPROV. Return code of the method call was 8 = inherited_error. When I debugged it; I came to place in FM TREX_DBS_AGGREGATE where following call is performed:


Exception that was triggered I found following error:

AttributeEngine: overflow in numeric calculation;AttributeEngine: overflow in numeric calculation;exception 70006944: AttributeE

overflow in numeric calculation; $message$=aggregation failed $BIC$<KF_name>$sum$ 1 fixed14.3(17) exception 70006944: AttributeE

overflow in numeric calculation; $message$=aggregation failed $BIC$ KF_name $sum$ 1 fixed14.3(17) ,Exception in executor ...

plan408469425@ndhcdb01-int:30085 while executing pop 6: calcEngine search on olapIndex failed.,QueryId: ...

00O2SPBEZ1RC04NPREWOW2QMR:_C10/[Request Info: Object Name = "<db_schema>"."0BW:BIA: <cube/aDSO_name>", FM Name = TREX_DBS_AGGREGATE]

Error 6.944 has occurred in the BWA/SAP HANA server

Error reading the data of InfoProvider <cube/aDSO_name>$X

Seems this is a generic DB error no 10811:

Numeric overflow for parameter/column (<id>) source type <source_type>, target type <target_type>, value '<value>'

Apparently, value of KF mentioned in the error exceeded its threshold. Solution was to delete the data that caused this overflow.


More information:

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