Thursday, June 9, 2022

Critical path of a process chain

Within BW Tools (t-code ST13) and in Process Chain Analysis in particular there is a function call “Critical Path” available. What it does is basically highlights some of the processes in the PC that are connected with a flow of the PC meaning what is a previous process of that needs to be completed in order for the next process to start. Once it is set on the BW system start determining the process, which finished as last one. Then the systems goes back thru a list of PC’s processes up to a trigger of the PC. This is how the critical path is analyzed.

A review of the critical path does not help much with a respect to optimizing of the PC runtime as there is no relation between the time the particular process consumed. The function is implemented in ABAP method TIME_CRITICAL_PATH of ABAP class CL_RSPC_HIER.

The function is available under a button called “Critical Path on/off” available in ST13’s Process Chain Hierarchy screen:

More information:

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