Monday, April 12, 2021

SAPJSF user in SAP NetWeaver system?

One may notice in SAP NetWeaver based systems that user SAPJSF is logged in the system. It can be seem in t-codes like SM66, SM04 etc. Such a user ID is basically technical user (type of system or communication) that serves a purpose of communication between UME (User Management Engine of AS Java) and ABAP user management. Means it communicates between two stacks of NetWeaver: ABAP and JAVA in landscapes where both stacks are present (dual stack systems). In the landscapes where only Java stack systems are present it is used for internal communication.

In the ABAP stack it exits in clients 000 and 001.

The user is created during the systems installation. JSF stands for Java Security Framework.

For BW people the user can be familiar because it is also used to run BW (BEx) queries from SAP NetWeaver Portal (former name SAP Enterprise Portal). While the query is running from the Portal the user can be observed in the ABAP stack as logged user.


More info:

Online docu

891162 - User SAPJSF does not have authorization for SYST

655349 - SAP WebAS 6.20(+): Missing RFC authorizations for SAPJSF

999962 - PI 7.10 and higher: Change passwords of PI service users

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