Thursday, September 12, 2019

Dummy Source System in BW

Concept of dummy for an SAP BW system is sometimes required in case of large BW installations. The case is that there is not only connected one actual source system but there are connected several source systems that are not all completely homogeneous.

In case there are several target system for one source system it is possible to leverage option “7.0” in screen of “Conversion of source system names after the transport (view V_RSLOGSYSMAP)”. That option is only valid for BW 7.x objects like RSDS, TRFN and DTPA etc. It means that 7.x objects are imported several times (to several targets) even though they were exported only once. However in case target are not the same (not homogeneous) it may become tricky because those system may have different settings applied like different filters on DTPs, different schedules etc.

These kind of issues are addressed by introducing a source system type of dummy source system. This type of source system can only be created in development systems. It is not real source system just an alias to real one. Metadata of all depended objects are referenced this alias. During the transport remote function calls which for example are doing replication of DataSources or actually activate and run the metadata objects are re-directed to the real source system.

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