Sunday, December 30, 2018

SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation (DWF)

The SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation (DWF) is a suite of packaged tools that aims to support large scale SAP HANA use cases like below while leveraging its data management tools:

- HANA Table, Partition and Application Distribution Management in HANA Scale-Out configurations
- Data Temperature Management
- Modeling
- Execute and Monitor

The tools were developed to try to reduce TCO while running HANA. Also to support HANA administrators and data warehouse designers. SAP HANA DW Foundation complements the data warehouse offerings of SAP like BW/4HANA, SAP BW powered by SAP HANA (BoH) and SAP HANA SQL Data Warehouse, HANA Agile Data Mart as well as mixed HANA scenarios.

The DWF product family is shipped within individual Delivery Units. Those delivery units are HCO_HDM (HANA DWF Core), HCO_HDM_DDO (Data Distribution Optimizer), HCO_HDM_DLM (Data Lifecycle Manager) and HDC_HDM (HANA DWF Documentation).

Below are briefly described components of the DWF product suite:

Component                                Description

Native DataStore Object (NDSO)    A semantically rich persistency object within HANA that can be used to manage full and delta data loads. The NDSO has same capabilities as advanced DataStore Object (ADSO) as we know it from BW systems.
Data Warehouse Scheduler (DWS) Allows task chains to be scheduled in HANA developments to define dependency graphs for HANA artifacts. E.g. dependencies between single processes with the focus to provision DWH models.
Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM)        Model aging rules on tables to displace (archive) aged data to HANA extended tables, remote data stores, MultiStore Table, HANA Extension Node, Dynamic Tiering, SAP IQ, Hadoop or SAP Vora in order to optimize the mem­ory footprint of data in HANA.
Data Warehouse Monitor (DWM)     Provides a comprehensive overview about activities going on in DWH such as what is/was scheduled, completed, and failed task chains within a selected HDI con­tainer, data lifecycle manager profiles, as well as an overview over all NDSOs.
Data Distribution Optimizer (DDO)  Is used to plan, adjust and analyze landscape reorganizations for HANA scale-out systems.

More information:
2435452 Release Note SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation 2.0
SAP support site components:
          HAN-APP-DWS-DSO (DataStore Object)
HAN-APP-DWS-DWS (Data Warehousing Scheduler)
HAN-APP-DWS-DLM (SAP HANA Data Lifecycle Manager)
          HAN-APP-DWS-DDO (SAP HANA Data Distribution Optimizer)

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