Monday, December 31, 2018

Native DataStore object (nDSO)

The nDSO object resides in HANA DB and it was introduced by SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation (DWF) to model SAP HANA SQL Data Warehouse systems. It is derived from a BW concept that is now accessible in SQL based warehousing (native DWH). The nDSO object is developed upon the SAP HANA XS advanced application server framework. Similarity to BW means that there are 3 tables generated for the object (active data table, change log or protocol table or delta tablw, new data or inbound queue). The tables are exposed as a CDS (Core Data Services) entities.

The nDSO provides a persistence of data with additional semantics like:

- delta handling (before/after image) to move, aggregate & load delta data containing deleted records
- request management to allow roll-back of data loads
- (selective) deletion of data, single requests or the complete content of a nDSO

There is an integration possible of the nDSO (can be seen as native DWH) and interoperability SAP BW (BW/4HANA). The nDSO can be used as source objects of BW DataSources. Within the HANA the nDSO can be used as the source for a calculation views.

Modeling of the nDSO objects is embedded into SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA using HANA CDS as metadata description language.

More information:
HAN-APP-DWS-DSO (DataStore Object) - SAP support site component

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