Thursday, January 12, 2017


On last year Barcelona’s TechEd (Nov. 8–10 2016) a new generation of SAP HANA was introduced – the HANA 2. It is basically a new generation offering functions in areas of DB management, data management, analytical intelligence, and application development. In details they cover following:

DB management – A new active/active read-enabled option allows reading data stored in secondary systems. Before that such a data needed to be replicated first before using it.

Data management – a web based tool called SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer allows to visualize impact of new technologies to current landscapes. E.g. enhancement of tiered storage impacting distributed storage of data by priority.

Analytical intelligence – new algorithms of areas like classification, association, time series and regression were added into predictive library to support job of e.g. data scientists in terms use cases of machine learning.

Application development – in this area functions for application servers, development tools, and development languages were added. New file processor interface allows to extraction of metadata from documents.

Micro services usage of cloud based micro services can enhance applications with analytical insight using APIs and any language or development platform.

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